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Jesus And George Military, Patriotic, Tactical and Faith Based Apparel To Empower Your Day!
Jesus And George Military, Patriotic, Tactical and Faith Based Apparel To Empower Your Day!

Brand Story

Jesus And George
Woven With Faith, Forged In Freedom

Brand Story


The Jesus And George Brand Story: Woven with Faith, Forged in Freedom

Jesus And George isn't just a clothing brand; it's a tribute to the very foundation of the American spirit. We are inspired by two individuals who dared to dream of a life unlike any other, a land built on the cornerstones of liberty, justice, and the unwavering pursuit of happiness.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants:

  • Jesus: A beacon of hope and compassion, Jesus empowered those around him to rise above their circumstances and have faith in a better tomorrow. His message of love and self-belief continues to resonate through the ages.
  • George Washington: A champion of liberty and a man of unwavering resolve, George Washington led the fight for freedom and established a nation where opportunity thrives. His dedication to the ideals of justice and equality serves as a constant reminder of the sacrifices made to secure the American Dream.

More Than Threads - A Way of Life:

We design our activewear, tactical clothing, workout gear, and accessories for those who embody the American spirit. Our products are crafted for those who push their limits, who stand up for what's right, and who actively pursue their dreams.

Strength. Service. Community.

At Jesus And George, we believe these are more than just words; they are the pillars upon which a fulfilling life is built. Our clothing is designed with strength and functionality in mind, perfect for those who serve their communities, their country, and themselves.

We are committed to giving back to the heroes who exemplify these values. A portion of every sale goes towards supporting veterans, nurses, firefighters, the homeless and/or law enforcement officers – the backbone of our society.

Join Our Movement:

When you wear Jesus And George, you're not just wearing a brand; you're aligning yourself with a community. A community that draws strength from faith, courage from the fight for freedom, and purpose from helping others.

Let Jesus And George be your companion as you live, love, provide for others help your fellow man and chase the American Dream.