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What is the meaning behind "These Truths Are Self Evident"

What Does "These Truths Are Self Evident" Mean?

The phrase "these truths are self-evident" stands as one of the most powerful declarations in American history, originating from the Declaration of Independence, penned by Thomas Jefferson in 1776. But what does it truly mean? In essence, this statement asserts that certain truths are so obvious and clear that they do not require further explanation or proof. They are foundational principles that any rational person can accept without question.

Understanding Self-Evident Truths

Self-evident truths are those that are universally recognizable through reason and common sense. They are the bedrock of logical thinking and sound judgment, serving as guiding principles in both personal conduct and societal governance. In today's complex world, acknowledging and adhering to these self-evident truths is more critical than ever, especially as we face decisions that challenge our common sense.

The Decline of Common Sense in Modern Society

Despite the wealth of information and resources available today, there appears to be a disturbing decline in common sense. This erosion can lead to significant negative consequences, as illustrated in several key scenarios:

  1. Energy Policy and National Security: Consider a situation where a nation decides to halt oil exports and simultaneously injects billions into the economies of hostile nations. It’s a self-evident truth that these adversaries, now flush with resources, will likely use their newfound wealth to harm the very nation that funded them. The logic is straightforward: empowering enemies financially will lead to increased threats and attacks on national interests. This is a clear case where common sense should prevail, yet often, it does not.
  2. Health and Wellness: Another self-evident truth is the relationship between lifestyle choices and health outcomes. To lose weight and maintain good health, one must exercise, control their diet, and get adequate rest. These principles are simple and universally acknowledged, yet many people still seek shortcuts and quick fixes, ignoring the foundational steps necessary for lasting health. Common sense dictates that without disciplined effort, achieving health goals is impossible.

Embracing Self-Evident Truths in Daily Life

At Jesus and George, we emphasize the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions and understanding the consequences. Recognizing self-evident truths helps us navigate life’s challenges with clarity and purpose. Living each day with intention means striving to be better than yesterday, guided by faith, hope, and the freedom to make informed choices.

The Role of Faith, Hope, and Freedom

  • Faith: Believing in a higher power provides a moral framework that guides ethical decision-making.
  • Hope: Maintaining an optimistic outlook helps us persevere through difficulties and envision a better future.
  • Freedom: Cherishing our freedom allows us to make choices that reflect our true selves and uphold our responsibilities.


Jesus and George advocates for not only recognizing common sense but actively applying it in our lives. By embracing self-evident truths and allowing faith, hope, and freedom to guide our actions, we can navigate the complexities of life more effectively. If you believe that you are made in His image, you acknowledge the ability to reason, to create, and to act with compassion and higher thinking. Let your faith drive your actions and ambitions, ensuring that your decisions are grounded in self-evident truths.

These truths are self-evident.

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